Hi, we’re White Rabbit.

We are an AR-focused, Calgary-based app developer fluent in geek. Hyphenated words aside, that means everyone at our company is a developer or has extensive experience working in all stages of development. This makes us an excellent team to work with, because we produce higher quality products on-time and on-budget. It also makes us an excellent team to work for, as we truly understand developers because we are them. We promote a culture of learning and collaboration. We celebrate individuality. We are young and innovative. Most importantly, we are confident in both your business and ourselves. This creates a perfect storm of creativity and results.

What’s in it for our clients?

While other firms stick to what they know and are comfortable with, our team and skillset is diverse and our understanding of development goes far beyond writing code. Each solution we create is tailored to your unique needs. We use the right team of amazing minds and harness their creative energy to great effect for our clients. You will always talk to someone with the knowledge and ability to make your ideas a reality. That’s one of the main benefits of choosing a development-centric firm like us: nothing will be lost in translation.

We are Agile, meaning we can take on complex projects. We can adapt to the market as we go. We thrive on the bleeding edge, incorporating change into our development process and keeping you informed at each step. With this level of collaboration, the products we deliver are something both of us can be proud of We love research and because of this, we’re constantly learning new things. We cross-train our staff to meet any client challenge and would be happy to train yours as well. You can even hire us as an extension of your team.

What’s in it for our team?

We believe in and respect the “development ecosystem”, because when you have a proven skillset whether fresh out of school or after years in the field, you want to do cool work. Unfortunately, a great number of digital firms treat their developers expendably, which disturbs the ecosystem. On that note …

… Our unique management style makes us better for both our clients and our team. Through our Fluid Project Manager concept, we reward ingenuity, which drives amazing work for clients and a sense of pride for our people.


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Ready to go?

Great, we can’t wait to meet you. Our focus may be on AR apps but it isn’t all we do. If you feel we’re a fit for your upcoming project, please get in touch.